Special Events

Chinese brush artwork is the art of symbolism. For example, the pine symbolizes longevity and can be used to make a birthday wish especially for elders; the bamboo symbolizes integrity and peace; the plum blossom symbolizes happiness and courage in the face of hardship; etc.  Chinese characters contain profound meaning that can also be emphasized with a particular calligraphic script style and by combining the calligraphy with a painting. The flexibility in style can be used to create a unique gift for congratulating a newly wedded couple, an anniversary celebration, graduation encouragement, a new housewarming, and for various holidays like Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Valentine’s Day, etc.  These works of art can also be rendered on a special type of Chinese rice paper to highlight the theme and increase the visual effect, or painted on a fan or shaped paper (circle, for example) appropriate to the special event.

Wedding 新婚燕爾

New wedding wish  缘结同心美 花开并蒂香

New wedding wish 缘结同心美 花开并蒂香

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Anniversary 鑽石婚紀念

60 year anniversary wish 深情堪比钻石坚

60 year anniversary wish 深情堪比钻石坚

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Birthday 生日


80-Year birdayday wish Blessings 福

80-Year birdayday wish Blessings 福

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Holidays 节庆


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Graduation 毕业

Advancing 奮進

Advancing 奮進

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Other Occasions 其他




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